Excited about 2024

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our property owners for allowing Frank and me to stay at their accommodation during the slow season. As expected, these stays have given us an excellent opportunity to understand the guest experience better and have fueled my plans for a more prominent social media presence in the future. Although we haven't had a chance to stay at all the properties yet, we plan to schedule our stays throughout 2024 based on the availability of dates in the off-season.

A note about guest trends
After hosting for nearly 3 years now, I can confidently say that I interact with many people aged between 30 to 50 years old who bring their family members to book homes at Lake Texoma. These families vary in age, ranging from babies to 80-year-olds. Our service at Book Texoma caters to many wonderful families who visit for various reasons. Some come for family reunions, some to celebrate and honor their aging matriarchs and patriarchs, and of course, some come to enjoy a bit of lake life for a weekend or more. We also serve smaller family groups who want to escape from their busy lives for a while. Occasionally, we have couples who want a retreat and groups of fishermen looking for a big catch. There are so many wonderful folks who visit Lake Texoma.

I have observed a growing trend of various groups, ranging from business executives to construction crews, church groups and school groups, choosing our venue for their events. We also host a number of 20-30 somethings celebrating their engagements and marriages. In fact, there have been a few surprise engagements and weddings that have taken place here. Overall, the positive guest experiences far outweigh the not-so-awesome ones. While many of our guests book several weeks to several months in advance, we have noticed a rise in last-minute, same-day bookings in 2023. We are also thrilled to see a growing number of repeat bookings.

What makes Book Texoma special
"We are a local and friendly company. Joe and I have no interest in becoming a large and impersonal corporation. We are open to expanding, but only to a level that allows us to continue to provide excellent service to our guests, owners, and support staff. Being local gives us a significant advantage. Our passion for creating high-quality stays for our guests is a significant driving force here at Book Texoma, and it shows in our reviews!"

Sharing Book Texoma on social media
It's important to extend the feeling of community to our social media presence. This will help increase bookings by attracting more clicks, views, and shares. Along with promoting our properties, we want to showcase our community by interviewing local business owners, restaurant owners, and fishing guides who contribute to the Lake Texoma experience. We aim to create posts that evoke happiness and emotions, such as recipes, fishing tips, and heartwarming stories. Our YouTube channel will offer home tours, troubleshooting videos and more. While we plan to increase our presence on Instagram, we'll focus on Facebook initially, as our primary guests are of the "Facebook age." Regular Facebook posts will start on February 4th, and we hope you'll follow and share our page. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Exciting attractions coming to Lake Texoma
Have you heard about Hard Rock International Resort coming to Kingston Oklahoma?! This is exciting news because Lake Texoma will have even more to offer! The resort will have lodging, but it will draw in more patrons than those lodgings can hold. That's okay! We'll be ready with open arms! Click this below to read the recent news coverage about the resort plans. Hard Rock International To Amplify Texoma