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10 Things every Family will love staying at Lazie Lane (Book Texoma)
Traveling as a family isn’t always easy or perfect, but the memories you make while on vacation will last a lifetime. Booking a vacation home Lane through Book Texoma will simplify and create ease on your next family vacation. Our family recently had a group of friends join us at the home on Lazie Lane. Here’s the top ten reasons you will love it!

1. Space! You will love how much room there is for everyone in this home. Staying in a hotel with your family can be loud and stressful. Having a whole home to your group means you don’t need to worry about the kids enjoying themselves or dancing on the upper levels. Having multiple rooms to get some time away make the times together so much more enjoyable.
The dining and living areas really can accommodate all of the group. Having a separate game room and six bedrooms makes private a public spaces available for all the needs in your group.
Having four full bathrooms in the home is a huge plus. Everyone can shower after a long day on the lake without having to wait in line.
If your group is bigger than this home can accommodate, just book “The Loft on Lazie Lane”. Located on the same property, just on the other side of the driveway, The Loft offers a separate home right next door. Here you will have another kitchen, dining area and living room. Plus, upstairs there are enough beds for eight more. This is a perfect place for a group to hang out, watch shows, play games and have some privacy away from the rest of a large group.
You will not feel crowded in the spacious home at Lazie Lane.

2. Beds for everyone. The first comment my kids made as we walked through the home on Lazie Lane was “There are SO many beds!” The home at Lazie Lane has enough beds (plus, plenty of extra space) for up to 20 people. You really can have a large group comfortably sleep here. As parents, we loved that three rooms offered King sized beds. We felt comfortable and right at home, getting great sleep.
The kids loved the three rooms that had a combination of bunks, queens and full beds so they could comfortably have sleepovers with their best friends. Late nights chatting with friends from the comfort of their own bed made some great memories and amazing bonds. Off of one of the bedrooms, you’ll find a large walk-in closet with a twin bed and enough room for a pack ‘n play. Although we didn’t have toddlers or babies in our group, I knew that was the perfect quiet and dark space for a young child. Away from the noise of the rest of the house, the closet provides the perfect napping location for a baby.

3. Walking distance to Lake Texoma and a Marina. Heading to Lake Texoma, you will definitely want to spend time on the beaches and in the water. While summer is the ideal time to spend time playing on Lake Texoma, the winter also offers an amazing time on the shore. Since we visited in the winter, we loved finding shells along the beach and playing in the sand as the water quietly lapped the shore. From Lazie Lane home it is a quarter mile walk to Lake Texoma. An early morning jog or walk along the edge of the shore trail is certain to start you day off with beauty and peace

The marina is within a quarter mile of the Lazie Lane home, so putting a boat or jet ski into the water is simple from this location. If you aren’t bringing your own water vehicles, you can also find boat and water toy rentals here.

4. Walking distance to a restaurant and store.  Some homes along Lake Texoma can be very remote. Finding food or supplies can take time and significant driving. But not so from the home on Lazie Lane. A few short steps from the front door of Lazie Lane and you can eat at the Anchor’s Restaurant. A small grocery and supply store called Buncombe Creek is next to the restaurant. If you forget something or want a special night out, this home’s location provides it all.

5. Outdoor Living. Lazie Lane Vacation Home provides a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. The front yard is a farmhouse style front porch with multiple rocking chairs for your relaxation. The back porch has seating for 9-12 all around a gas fire pit. The seating is easily moved for games or activities on the well maintained grassy yard. Our group enjoyed volleyball, soccer, corn hole, family games and night activities outside throughout our stay.
There is also a gas grill, so you can eat delicious summer foods outside.

6. Kitchen and Dining Area. Being able to make your own meals is a huge plus for families staying with Book Texoma. When traveling with kids, it can be expensive, messy and stressful to eat out. Staying in means you can get food you know your kids will like with the ease of being in a comfortable eating area.
The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, utensils and pots and pans so you can create gormet meals if you want, or just throw in a microwave meal or frozen pizza for the nights you want to take it easy.
The dining table seats twelve with three more seats at the bar. The game room offers multiple picnic tables and seating for many more.
Don’t forget the gas grill outside for easy summer meals.

7. Game Room. The game room, just off the kitchen, is the perfect space for activities and fun. Because it is an enclosed sun room, it has its own heating/cooling unit. This was perfect for our family because the kids could take their energy and noise into the outer room and we couldn’t hear a thing! But they were just in the room next to us.
The game room provides activities such as ping pong, corn hole, giant checkers and other board games. There is also a TV for entertainment.
You’ll find multiple tables for eating or board games along with wide open space for more active games.

8. WIFI and Work Space. While we love to take vacations to unplug and disconnect from our everyday life, sometimes staying connected is a necessity. With WiFi and a dedicated desk and work space, you can get your work done quickly and easily without leaving the home. You can have the best of vacation with your family and a few minutes of connecting to home or work if needed.

9. Bathrooms (Showers) are plentiful! The Lazie Lane Home offers four full bathrooms. This means that everyone can shower and get cleaned up without having to wait too long. Towels and washcloths are provided. Shampoo and conditioner is also at the home. This means less to pack and less to worry about and more time and space to enjoy your family. In the home you will find several bathtubs so you can bath the littlest kids in comfort. With a house full of 20 people, four bathrooms is so nice so you never have to wait long.

10. Proximity and Price. Lake Texoma is an easy two-hour drive from either DFW area or OKC area. This makes it an quick weekend getaway without spending too much time in the car. As a parent of young kids, I appreciate finding fun closer to home. Booking direct from Book Texoma can save 10% over places such as Airbnb or VRBO. This means you’ll have more money for fun, food and entertainment with your family. Booking a fun vacation rental can provide all the things you need saving you money on entertainment and activities. Lake Texoma is an affordable family vacation destination. You can stay a week for the price of one day at Disney! And you can bring all your friends or family . The home at Lazie Lane is perfect for families. You will love bringing your kids here. The kids will love bringing friends, cousins or other family to play with. This home is perfect for family reunions, weekend getaways, birthday sleepover celebrations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, summer vacation, winter break or just to get some time away from the routine of everyday life. Book your vacation at Lazie Lane today.

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