Booking Trends for Lake Texoma

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There are many properties to choose from when looking for a vacation at Lake Texoma. We monitor the total listings weekly. In January, there were over 500 active short-term accommodations available. Owners continue to look for better ways to offer their properties. The way guests find those stays is also changing. In 2023, we have seen nearly 40% of bookings come from VRBO, 24% from AirBNB, while the remaining 36% have booked at BookTexoma.Com. Allowing our repeat guests to book directly helps make properties more appealing while providing guests with a reliable experience. Guests continue to return to to re-book. Guests who book direct save 10-20% by not paying the 10-20% that VRBO and AirBNB charge to guests directly. Listing on compliments booking from OTA’s(Online Travel Agencies) like AirBNB and VRBO, but it does not replace them.

Here are several benefits for using BookTexoma to make your property available online:

  1. We advertise locally. From charity to billboards, we help funnel potential guests to the area we love, Lake Texoma.
  2. Guest will not have to pay AirBNB or VRBO booking fees for their Vacation at a Texoma Lakehouse.
  3. Direct bookings allow for a stronger customer relationship, because we can easily be contacted by phone or email directly. Sites like AirBNB and VRBO force guests to book before being able to communicate freely.
  4. Diversity in bookings reduces risk from using a specific site. BookTexoma does not need to change policy from one day to the next. When AirBNB limited guest bookings to 16 people or fewer, locations with greater capacity could no longer advertise the full benefits of their Lake Texoma Vacation home. Direct bookings do not have those limitations.

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